About Us

Mission Statement

Win Long USA was founded upon the belief that relationships and quality are the key to success. Our mission is to provide high quality, cost effective product through superior engineering and design. We pride ourselves in providing enhanced logistics and attentive customer service. We strive to help our customers accomplish their financial growth and product quality objectives as our success is measured by the success of those we serve.


Win Long USA’s exceptional cable quality is a result of experienced engineers in research and development, state of the art manufacturing facilities and testing equipment, uncompromising quality control and top of the line materials. Our dedicated facilities and products include the following certifications: ISO9001:2015/14001:2015, CE, REACH, SGS SVHC, SGS PAHS, SGS ROHS2.0 and UL.

WLU Leadership Team Members

  • John Dimovski – President and CEO
  • Brad Pritts – Vice President
  • Kathleen Murray – President of Global Sales
  • Bill Keating – Executive Vice President of Sales and Engineering
  • Mike Sugarman – Vice President of Sales
  • Keith Blackburn – National Sales Manager
  • Matt Brown – Channel Sales Manager
  • Dave Kocsis – Data Comm Sales Manager
  • John McCutchan – Director of Marketing
  • John Beard – Director of Information Technology & Senior Product Technical Advisor
  • Rick Vincenzetti – Manager, Finance & Administration
  • Gene Petterson – Purchasing Manager

Corporate Background

Win Long USA was established in 2015 through Win Long Enterprises’ acquisition of the assets of JDI Technologies.

JDI Technologies, founded in 1984, began as an importer of computer cable and connectivity products. Its initial product line included a variety of cables designed for printers, keyboards and mice, in addition to serial, parallel and video cables, and switch boxes for Apple and PC computers. As technological capabilities in all forms began to skyrocket, the Company repeatedly developed new competencies and products to match the ever-changing market.

In 2013, Win Long decided to enter the US market directly, and established Win Long USA. Initially, Win Long USA retained several North American product management experts to better understand and support the North American market. In late 2014 JDI’s founder, Henry Milan, experienced an untimely and unexpected passing. In early 2015, after having a long standing history with JDI, Win Long acquired the Company’s assets as part of Win Long USA. In addition to the asset purchase, Win Long hired the key management and sales staff of JDI Technologies, so as to leverage their customer relationships and industry experience.

Win Long Enterprises – Corporate Background

Win Long Enterprises, founded as an export manufacturer, is a family of companies based in China, and doing business worldwide. Principle businesses at the founding were automotive/truck parts and other precision manufactured products.

Win Long entered the wire and cable business in 2005 through a strategic partnership with a large & well known cable manufacturer located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Provence.  Win Long produces a wide variety of wire and cables, ranging from bulk wire to HDMI, VGA, Cat5/ Cat6, USB, and others. Through other strategic relationships in North America and China, Win Long is also able to supply products such as power supplies and surge suppressors. Win Long’s cable factory employs approximately 400 people and produces more than 1,000,000 km of wire and cable annually – enough for a round trip to the moon and circling the equator four times!

Win Long can provide OEM products tailored to customer requirements, and private labeling is also an option. With the addition of Win Long USA, local inventory and warehousing capabilities also exist to ensure reliable customer service in North America. Win Long USA is strategically positioned to be a leader in providing high quality, cost effective wire and cable products. We are excited about our new team and look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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